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A picture of Oluwabunmi Tinubu

DemilCakes Nigeria Limited is a private enterprise based in Ojoo, Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria. Established in June, 2018 by Dr. Oluwabunmi Tinubu, a young medical doctor with a passion for baking cakes and cake styling. DemilCakes started out much earlier as a hobby of the founder and at that time, she offered her services mostly to her community of friends and loved ones. However, with each hand-crafted cake style that graced their occassions, the demand for our services increased, thus in June of 2018 Oluwabunmi decided to set up our outfit to meet the demand of cake lovers and enthusiasts who craved a hand-crafted delight. We are happy bakers, with happy customers .

Our Experience

As a relatively young outfit in the cake-styling market, we focus on our core competencies and as such have experienced tremendous growth. We specialize in cakes of different flavours with a variety of coverings such as buttered cream, whipped cream, fondant among others. The sizes of our cakes range from small cupcakes to large, tiered cakes in themes ranging from Chocolate, to Red velvet, to Fruitcake, to Carrot cakes. We also make Cakes for people with special diets (e.g. Vegan cakes).

We are an outfit that firmly believes in innovation being the lifeblood of excellence in business, as such we are always open to new orders for completely new themes of cake (e.g. Herb Cake!) and we relish such a good cake challenge.


Brrown glazed carrot cake

 Your chocolate cakes are so moist, fluffy and tasty, I love the consistency!

Dr. B. - Ibadan

 Thank you for baking such a wonderful delight, she loved the cake!

E.C. - Lagos

 I love the consistency of the dessert cakes...

I.O. - Ibadan

 You are simply amazing, thank you!

A.I. - Lagos